Homeowners Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Homeowners insurance is protection against large financial loss for, what is typically, your biggest asset/investment.  If your home were a total loss due to a fire, your homeowners insurance policy would actually help you rebuild your home.

If you're buying your home, your lender will require you to purchase and continuously carry homeowners insurance to protect their interests, in other words, to ensure that the asset on which they hold the mortgage will either be repaired or replaced in case of loss or damage.



In a worst case scenario, your homeowners insurance will pay to rebuild your home.  A homeowners policy also provides protection from loss of personal property and your homeowners insurance affords you liability protection anywhere in the world for unintentional acts that result in bodily injury to a third party.

No.  Most of the work is done by us behind the scenes so that it's as seamless for you as possible.  We work hard to ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new carrier and, if we encounter an unforeseen snag, we work to quickly and efficiently resolve any issue.  There are homeowners under the mistaken assumption that because their insurance payment is part of their monthly escrow payment, they can’t or aren’t allowed by their lender to switch carriers, which can preclude many homeowners from reducing their monthly mortgage payment by the amount of savings they can get by switching insurance companies.



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