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  • Why do I need an SR22 / SR-22?

If you've been cited and been found guilty for no proof of liability insurance or if found guilty of DUI/DWI, you will typically be required to provide proof of insurance to the state in order to avoid suspension of or to re-instate your driving privileges.  Even if you purchase auto insurance, if an SR-22 is not filed, you will not have your driving privileges re-instated and/or your license will be suspended.

  • Can I afford insurance, if I have an SR22 / SR-22 requirement?

Yes!  Anyone can make a mistake and there are a few companies that specialize in helping individuals get back on the right track by making insurance affordable--even with a DUI/DWI conviction.  We proudly offer insurance through these specialty insurance carriers to help people get their lives back in order.  In some instances, if you no longer own a vehicle or own several vehicles, but only need liability protection, we can make insurance even more affordable with a Broad Form Named Driver policy.  A Broad Form policy provides the same liability coverages as a traditional auto insurance policy and allows you to comply with the SR-22 Financial Responsibility Filing requirement, but, typically, at a much lower rate because you insure yourself as a driver.

  • What happens if my policy cancels during the SR-22 requirement period?

Quite simply, your driving privileges will be suspended.  While an SR22 / SR-22 form is filed to inform the DMV or Transportation Department that you are insured, an SR-26 form will be filed to alert the state of an interruption, lapse, or cancellation of your policy.


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Technically, there is no such thing as “SR-22 insurance”.  The SR-22 (Financial Responsibility Form) is a standardized form required to be filed with the DMV or Transportation Department by insurance companies or insurance agents on behalf of an insured.  This form serves 2 purposes:  one, it notifies the state that you’re insured with an insurance policy that meets the state’s requirement for minimum liability


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insurance; two, it allows you to keep or re-instate your driving privileges.  A policy with an SR22 / SR-22 endorsement requires some extra paperwork, but your endorsed policy works the same and with the same protections.

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